Tea anyone?

Garden Tea Party Collection

For Ladies who like to sip  “Tea” with their girlfriends dans le jardin anglais
Well, I have been researching and nutting things out, on the sewing machine, in Photoshop, Illustrator, on the kitchen table-come-cutting table, everywhere in what is, a very tiny workspace. You see, I don’t “have” a workspace or my own workshop…well, not yet anyway. I have been toiling away for what seems like months now and I can finally reveal some of what I have been actually doing. So what I am about to reveal to you is a little bit of a sneak preview. Shhhh….it’s private and only you are allowed to see it, ok?

Inspired by vintage cotton prints I would like to introduce to you a new collection of ” Les Printemps” inspired masks.
The front is 100% lightweight cotton, the back, black jersey bamboo which is so delightfully soft on your skin it will make you melt. I promise. As usual I have stuffed the mask and the back of the mask now has an adjustable elastic so that it fits all heads, big and small. The edging is decorated with vintage cotton lace which I just adore.

The inspiration is definitely feminine, a sweet vintage feminity or as one perfume title I saw recently – pure “Womanity”.

Please comment and let me know what you think,

M. Sugar.xx

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