Photo by Linda Hervieux

Mad Emoiselle Sugar

 Designer | Creator | Owner

After arriving  in Paris in 2007 and doing a variety of things including filmmaking, teaching English and co-ordinating a film festival, Love Me Sugar was born in 2010 out of my passion for sleep masks, a lingerie item that I found I could not live without. When I couldn’t find my ideal sleep mask – one that was pin up in style as well as adjustable,  I turned to designing my own very first sleep mask collection,  fuelled by my  inspiration of  Marlene Dietrich, Dita Von Teese, vintage films and movie stars of yesteryear. 

As well as sewing and designing my sleep masks and lingerie, I have also been a film festival director, a performer, and I am a tech geek.

In 2014 I moved back to Australia. When I am not watching old film, going to the cinema, listening to vinyls or out in the garden,  I am juggling a part time job and studying Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University, Melbourne. ​​

Love Me Sugar

​Love Me Sugar is inspired by themes, styles and an elegance of yesteryear. Femininity and sensuality. Using vintage inspired elements, with comfort and luxury in mind, Love Me Sugar aims to create unique, handcrafted pieces that resemble elegance, glamour and above all functionality. ​​

Lingerie for your eyes

Lingerie expresses something unique because nobody sees what we wear underneath our clothes except those who we allow to see it. But although our undergarments appear invisible, they are not. They are powerful, very powerful. Our choice of lingerie reflects in us what we want to feel and project on the outside, whether it be comfort, confidence, or an undefinable personal and sexual empowerment of oneself, obviously or not. 

I hope to bring a sense of glamor and empowerment to my products. My sleep masks are not simply something to cover your face at night, shielding you from the lumière.  They are more. Soft and elegant ….over your beautiful eyes. 

But these are not simply for the privacy of your boudoir.  I invite you to  wear them on planes, on trains. Anywhere your heart desires….be seen.