Love Me Sugar re-opening again soon, I promise

Ahh….it’s been a while, I know. Since January of this year I decided to close my shops on Artfire and Etsy temporarily in order to rethink exactly what my goals were, what I wanted to create and the “how” of it. I bought a brand spanking new Janome Sewing Machine which has turned out to be such a dream! The things I could do with it are almost (almost) endless. In other areas such as the sleep mask creation things have moved along nicely and I think I have come up with some wonderful new products, re-invented them, adding to the standard collection I created last year.
There is only one problem though. That is, liaising with other companies in order to realise your dream. Sometimes I just prefer to work on my own! Without going into too much detail right now I have chosen the slowest companies on the planet to produce my new small but necessary additions to my products – hangtags and woven labels.

So it is now, I am still waiting, waiting for the email to come from these American companies (who I do not wish to name) after more than 5 weeks emailing back and forth, waiting with my proofs so that I can finally finally finally produce the two things I greatly need so that I can re-open my shop again. 

Until then I will continue to make beautiful new boudoir things,

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The goal is to re-open shops by the end of this month. But then again, it may be wishful thinking.

xM. Sugar

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