New in Store Tassle ear plugs inspired by Audrey….yes, that little film called Breakfast at Tiffanys

I have been very busy indeed. Tassel ear plugs are my newest item in my store. I am quite obsessed about wearing sleep masks and ear plugs and thought I would fancy up the ear plugs up a bit. There are a few styles and colours to choose from including black, shimmering gold, dusky pink, red and ivory. All are made by me with Mack’s safesound foam earplugs with a NRR rating of 32 dB. These are great for muting loud noises including street noises, parties, loud concerts and snoring. 

I have some long tassel ear plugs and short tassel ear plugs. If the long ones are too long you can cut the tassels to suit.  The earplugs come in a organza gift bag. They, along with all my items in my store are lovingly gift wrapped in tissue paper.

I do have to put a disclaimer though. I often stumble upon reviews by customers who buy earplugs and then complain that it doesn’t block  the noise of their snoring partner next to them. Let me be honest. YOU CANNOT completely block out the noise of a snorer with foam ear plugs. And I should know! I sleep next to somebody with sleep apnea and let me tell you that the only solution for them is probably a snoring machine which assists them breathing. Or sleeping in another room. Just saying…ear plugs are fantastic and I sleep with them every night and it defintely helps me sleep. It blocks out all the street noise, especially in Paris where the dump trucks come by in the wee hours of 7 in the morning!

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